Tower of Fantasy prepares the arrival of a new character with trailer, date and new events

Cobalt-B will expand the roster of characters available in this free-to-play open-world RPG.

Tower of Fantasy was released last August and in its short life it has already caught the attention of many gamers thanks to a strategy free to play focused on launching content-laden updates and celebrations that connect the entire community. And, to continue his mission to become the next phenomenon of the moment, he has now unveiled his new character: Cobalt-B.

Cobalt-B is coming to Tower of Fantasy on October 6As you can see in the trailer that leads this news, Cobalt-B is introduced as a mechanical engineer who not only dominates the weapons of Hykros, but you can also make them yourself. This young woman will expand the list of characters available in the next game October 6but from Hotta Studio they encourage us to enliven the wait with other temporary activities.

Tower of Fantasy

In this sense, the developer behind Tower of Fantasy also details the new event of Vera’s orientation. This surprise includes several activities which, available until October 12, invite us to participate in unprecedented challenges to unlock exclusive rewards. Although the idea of ​​Hotta Studio is of a limited duration, it should be noted that it is composed of three phases which will be activated over the days: commissioned research (Now available), cleaning contract (October 1) and cleaning contract (October 10).

If you want to know this RPG experience set in a fantasy world, we encourage you to read our first impressions of Tower of Fantasy. However, it is important to note that the game is only available on PC, Android and iOSand Hotta Studio, they have no intention of extending their universe to the console ecosystem.

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